Toronto Garden Suites

Design and build a garden suite in your backyard. Want to know if your Toronto property qualifies?

Garden Suite Services

Our team of experienced Toronto garden suite experts can jump in at any stage of your garden suite project, or be right there with you from start to finish. Choose from one of our garden suite services below to learn more.

Property Report

Request a free garden suite property report to see if you qualify.

Permits & Plans

Design a custom garden suite complete with drawings and permits.

Build Your Suite

Work with our local award-winning in-house team of suite experts.

Why Build A Garden Suite?

There are many great reasons why you should consider building a garden suite on your property.

Generate Income

Rent out your garden suite for additional income.

Increased Value

Increase your property's overall resale value.

Remote Workspace

Work out of the house without distractions.

Additional Housing

House loved ones like parents, family or friends.

Looking to build a Toronto Garden Suite?

Build a second family home

You can count on Garden Suites Toronto to guide you through the garden suite building process and to create the most beautiful garden suite on your block.

What's New

Discover all there is to know about Toronto garden suites, including building requirements, restrictions and the most frequently asked questions. Keep up-to-date on all things garden suite.